Managing Stakeholders

Buy-in from stakeholders at all levels is crucial in achieving effective delivery and desired outcomes both internally and externally. Develop techniques to influence, engage and put plans in place.

When faced with a problem you cannot just charge ahead with implementing your solution. You need to bring everyone with you, through complex negotiations where you learn how to really listen. We often think that we listen but we have often made assumptions first and hear what we want to when we want to. As with all of our simulations, a risk-free environment allows for practise and perfecting.


Receive honest and immediate feedback – through the live feedback reporting system


The course is designed for

  • Managers of all levels who need to build a consensus between internal and external stakeholders
  • Project managers, Project sponsors and Project team members
  • Sales and marketing consultants and executives

The course is usually run over two hours in a single day or three x three hour virtual sessions. Teams of three, go through the experience together, allowing time to articulate thoughts, reflect and learn from decisions made. Ideally five teams can compete, to add an element of competition!


  • Development of active skills through experience
  • Optimisation of behaviours learnt, when back in the workplace
  • Creation of subtle skills, providing preparation for situations where there are not necessarily any ‘right answers’
  • Allowed to make mistakes and learn without impacting on your career or the organisation
  • Learn to listen and influence through improving your interpersonal skills
  • Receive honest and immediate feedback – through the live feedback reporting system

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Course Dates

25th March: Virtual Course

24th June: London and Virtual

30th Sept: London and Virtual

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