Simulated Training

Immerse yourself in business learning, with real-life scenarios. Decisions have to be taken, judgements made and all in real-time. It is a safe and secure environment where you can develop your management and leadership skills, through action and then reflection - to learn for the time it really happens…

The tools are developed specifically to engage you – the adrenalin pumps, the emotions rise to the surface and you are tested, as if in reality. It is difficult to explain until you have tried but it is so real – even more stark than reality at times, as you are in a set time-frame with options being thrown at you, with no place to hide.

You may be faced with a level of decision making that you have not yet come across in business. You need to engage with others, win hearts, deal with negativity, deliver a verdict and then live with the outcome.

At the end though it is not real – so you have the ability to trial all of these things, without any mistakes costing lives or reputations. The aim being that you are better equipped for when you may truly affect people and outcomes at this level, with the actions that you take.



Why this immersive approach to learning works:

On average, 50% of information presented is forgotten, within 24 hours 70% and within a month 90%. This does not sound like the best investment…This ‘forgetting curve’ was first hypothesised in the 1880s by Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist. He did not then account for the increased amount of information that comes at us in the 21st century world and the disturbances that we deal with – emails, social media and and…

Where immersive learning helps to ensure effective training delivery, is through how it touches on the key aspects of impactful learning

  1. Grabs the learner’s attention
  2. Enables experimentation – learn by doing
  3. Exploit the most natural way of learning – by playing
  4. It builds on repeating activities to aid retention

Virtual reality enables learners to access the most realistic learning situations that deliver a lasting impact to the individual’s self-awareness, behaviours and future approach to real situations. There is the opportunity to learn from failure. The efficiencies of training are increased through this method of accessing people’s minds…

Advantages of Immersive Learning