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We have been established for over thirty years in the global training space, working with blue-chip companies worldwide. We provide high tech management and leadership training via computer-based simulations.

The simulated training that started us on this path to investment in tool development, was a simulation using Artificial Intelligence. The tool could reveal ‘Mindset-Preset’ (internal biases) and how these affected our behaviour in the workplace. The outcome was - more self-aware workers and this clever business game resulted in real and long-lasting behavioural changes.

We had always been interested in ‘game theory’ but were up against businesses that wished to reduce the ‘fun bits’ and not play with Lego games! Simulated training though provides a real context and also feels so much more 21st century, appealing to Millennials and Gen Z within the workplace. It also wins over the sceptics once experienced.

We now have the four tools: Managing Stakeholders, Leading Change, Crisis Management and Project Leadership. We have trainers based across the world – China, Australia, Russia, South and North America – and can travel anywhere. We also accredit trainers on how to run the simulations themselves. We support with the first few events until the trainer is ready to ‘fly-solo’.

When we are not busy training or accrediting, we are constantly seeking out new simulations to test out, develop and then introduce to our clients. We listen to our clients and what they may need to help them achieve improved performance across their workplace – we then look to find a solution together.

If you would like to know more or have any questions about who we are or what we do, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Computer based simulation

We have trainers based across the world – China, Australia, Russia, South and North America – and can travel anywhere

“‘Stakeholder Engagement' exposes the individual to be conscious of both the subtle and overt power and influence dynamics that play out in everyday life. Importantly, this course positions the individual to not just be cognizant of the underlying factors, but to use power and influence tools to move ahead in the workplace and in life.”

Dr. Charles Nwamba, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA

"As someone, who is involved in projects, this sim is a perfect training tool for people in contact with multiple Stakeholders to achieve a project goal. ‘Stakeholder Engagement’ was very engaging and instructive, while being  straightfoward with its objectives. I had a lot of fun and would recommend it for anyone interested in testing or furthering their own competences."

Yannik Bräutigam, IT Project Management Consultant, FHNW Basel

“The ‘Stakeholder Engagement’ simulation Training was very enjoyable. Your clear presentation and vivid examples helped me a lot in understanding what were previously abstract concepts. The simulation was spectacular in how it helped us learn real-world lessons in a safe test environment.”

Xiangchen Huo, Postdoctoral Researcher at National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA