Management & leadership training via computer-based simulations – as close to real as you can achieve

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Training solutions for the time-short workplace. Virtual or classroom simulations. Effective, engaging and delivers results. See the training in action with a demonstration: one to one, to a group, virtual or live – whatever you have time for…

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We have been established for over thirty years in the global training space, working with blue-chip companies worldwide. We ensure that we keep learning so that our clients have the very best that the workplace needs as it evolves.

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Simulated Training

Immerse yourself in business learning, with real-life scenarios.

Decisions have to be taken, judgements made and all in real-time. It is a safe and secure environment where you can develop your management and leadership skills, through action and then reflection - to learn for the time it really happens…

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We have always been interested in how people become more effective at their job; achieving the best results with the least time wasted.

We have spent the past 30 years running projects and programmes to do just this, within blue-chip companies globally. After experiencing the benefits of computer simulation using Artificial Intelligence, we decided to make our own and now have four tools for business and more in development…

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