Course Details:

2 Day Fast Track Course:
London 17th-18th June 2019

3 Day Full Course:
London 17th-19th June 2019

Language: English

Cost: 2 Day Course: £900
3 Day Course: £1200


Organisational Resilience

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You cannot always predict oncoming crises in business – but you can be ready to bounce back.

Disasters happen, even with the most careful planning and it can be impossible see them coming. However, you can make sure that you,
and your staff, are ready to respond with appropriate skills and knowledge as a result of engaging, high-quality training. That’s where
our Organisational Resilience simulated learning course comes in.

For the first time, Resilience Guard GmbH Switzerland and Sims4Training UK are offering a resilience training course,
which teaches crisis response, resilience planning, disaster/incident management and business continuity programme based on ISO standards.

How does the course work?

This is an interactive three-day course (or two-day fast track course) hosted by an instructor in a classroom-style and includes lunches.

The course includes educational content, followed by the chance to actively put your skills to the test using unique simulation software. Instructors will be on hand to provide advice, exercises and practical examples tailored to the experience of the attendees.

What will you gain from attending this course?

The ‘Organisational Resilience’ course offers in-depth knowledge from our experts – who have extensive experience working with global brands - as well as an explanation of good practices when it comes to resilience, crisis management and business continuity.

Attendees will develop skills, test their knowledge and learn about the procedures needed to effectively plan for and deal with any crises through engaging and active simulations. At the end of the simulation, attendees will be shown their scores and offered practical advice on improving their personal crisis management style.

All attendees will receive a course certificate from Resilience Guard GmbH Switzerland and Sims4Training UK upon completion.

Who should take this course?

This course welcomes senior professionals from all backgrounds and sectors with an interest or need to understand more about
organisation resilience.

Directors and managers involved in risk, emergency planning, business continuity, crisis management, resilience management and disaster recovery will find the course particularly relevant.
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2 Day Fast Track Course: £900
3 Day Full Course: £1200