Trainer Accreditation

You can learn to deliver any of our family of Simulations virtually or face-to-face:

 The Accreditation process is a 2-day Face-to-Face Class or 4x4 Hours Virtual Tuition. For most of the simulations, depending on your level of experience and skill, you will then be ready to run a  pilot session, before going live.

We can provide Team Teaching for your first client session and will do our utmost to ensure you feel confident to deliver solo.


The Accreditation Package costs from £1,950 and includes:

  •  2 days (or 4x4 hour Virtual) Tuition for up to 3 people
  • A full set of editable Training materials including:
    • Delegate Workbook in Word 
    • PowerPoint slides with Trainer notes and timings 
    • Delegate tools for use in class, and back in the workplace
  • Guide to the Facilitator Reporting Tools
  • Simulation licences for practise, first pilot and client demos
  • Monthly Newsletter, with events and special offers
  • Membership of a global network of Accredited Trainers





Once signed off and ready to go, you can purchase Simulation licences as required, on a pay per play basis, from as little as £100 per delegate

Licences are purchased a week, or more, ahead of each event and you will only be charged for licences that are fully used on the day (so you will not be penalised if delegates don’t show up.) The full process for ordering licences will be explained as part of the Accreditation tuition.

 It is strongly recommended that potential Accreditees become familiar with the simulation before the Accreditation tuition and fully complete the pre-work. We can provide trial licences to build that experience in the run up to an Accreditation.

 Once Accredited in one of the simulations, it may be possible to become Accredited in other simulations in the family, with a shorter tuition time. These situations are specific to each person and can be discussed and agreed separately.

Once Accredited, the Accreditation does not expire, but you may need to book a Virtual tuition session at £200 per 2 hours. if you have not run the simulation for over 12 months. All prices are subject to VAT where applicable.

 To experience a free trial and discussion about becoming Accredited



1. Stakeholder Engagement

Buy-in from stakeholders at all levels is crucial in achieving effective delivery and desired outcomes both internally and externally.

Develop techniques to influence, engage and put plans in place.

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2. Innovation Change Maker

A Simulation providing an intense, fun and risk-free experience of running a change and innovation project.

Upskill your teams to deliver change and innovation right first time.

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3. Project Leadership

Find yourself immersed in the running of a large-scale project without the risks of real-life.

Learn how to make those tough decisions alongside developing the skills to engage, influence and bring your team with you.

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4. Crisis Management

Planning ahead – crisis is something that you do not usually have a chance to practice – you deal with it when it happens and then wish afterwards that you had done things differently!

A practise crisis allows you to hone your skills in advance of the real thing.

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5. Leading Change

When two businesses come together, there are expected and unexpected challenges – all need to be prepared for.

Merger, acquisition and rapid growth all require careful and insightful handling.

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"I loved my two-day ‘Stakeholders Engagement’ Accreditation program with Sims4training. It was comprehensive, practical and very engaging, giving me full confidence to deliver my own workshops. They guided me through the simulation exercise first as a delegate and then provided insightful advice on the delivery method as a facilitator. Specifically, I learned how to best structure a workshop, deal with set-up logistics and discuss learning outcomes with the groups.  An important focus for me is to understand how training can translate to real skills improvement for increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace.  In this regard ‘Stakeholders Engagement’ positions itself very well as a leveraged investment. I particularly valued the contact after the formal accreditation, to provide telephone support during my own pilot workshop, followed by review calls, creating a ‘double-loop’ learning effect, to adapt and improve my own performance as a facilitator."  

Diane Wardle-Ludwig, DWL HR Consulting

“Sims4Training has provided me comprehensive Accreditations for both Managing Stakeholders and Crisis Management. I thoroughly enjoy their training approach. My Accreditation coach, Trish, is warm, supportive and more open to feedback than any accreditor I have ever met. Trish makes you feel like you are a true, trusted partner from the start of the accreditation process. She provided me as much personalized face-to-face (virtual) coaching as I needed to ensure I was set up for success in delivering the Sims4Training courses. She also provided ‘on-call’ support during my first delivery for any additional questions that arose. I cannot say enough positive words about how pleasant it is working with Trish. I hope to work with her for many decades to come!”

Tracy Graf
CEO & Training Facilitator
Fuse Communications Training